Our Services


We believe that it is essential to utilize the most advanced technology to complete your procedures from cleanings to cosmetics and more. You’ll find what you need at Parkside Dental Group – and we are committed to constantly improving the safety, comfort and diagnostic capability to our patients. Call us at 604-892-5966 for more details.


We use industry standards for pricing based on the BCDA Fee Guide, so you can ensure that there is an affordable treatment plan that suits your life and your family.

Pain-free options

Are you nervous or anxious about going to the Dentist? We understand that most people are, so ask us about our pain-free procedure options. Patients who are more relaxed often enjoy faster recovery time.

Children’s Dentistry

We are committed to creating the most positive dental experience possible for your child. Our child-friendly dental team is trained to properly work with your child to ensure a fun, safe and rewarding experience for them. We understand that each child is unique so we tailor our treatment recommendations to each child’s needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In order to get a bright, white smile consider cosmetic dentistry. Whether you need to fix damage or imperfections, or simply want to whiten your teeth, there are options for you.

Five ways to look and feel your best:

  • Bleaching – Is performed using an in-office whitening treatment. There are a number of options available depending on the severity of the stains.
  • Bonding – Make your teeth more attractive by changing their color, shape and spacing. Bonding uses tooth-coloured material that is molded to reshape a tooth, cover and even-out chips and fill in small gaps between the teeth.
  • Veneers – Use a thin, durable porcelain shell to cover the front surface of a tooth, hiding stains, fillings, uneven, chipped and crooked teeth.
  • Crowns – Effective for protecting a tooth that is damaged but not lost. It will protect and give it support. Crowns are also a durable and attractive way to reshape teeth.
  • Replacement Fillings – Unsightly, silver-coloured fillings can be replaced with white composite ones to provide a more uniform, natural appearance.

No matter which procedure you choose, a whiter smile looks healthier and will make you feel your best!